Updated eBook! Blog Post Compendium on “Developing a Co-Curricular Learning Model”

Today, I’m excited to release a second edition of the Roompact eBook that compiles the “Best of the Roompact ‘On Duty’ Blog.” I’ve taken posts from our blog and repackaged them into a freely available and downloadable eBook that provides information about residential curriculum and curricular approaches. You’ll find the same great content you’ve come to know from the blog, but packaged in a sequential format that makes it a great for professional development and staff training programs. Whether you’re new to curricular approaches or still learning and implementing, this ebook has something for you.

Excerpt from the Forward:

Our hope for this compendium is that it can serve as a reference point for departments and divisions developing a curricular approach to their work. Curricular approaches borrow from the frameworks developed in K-16 classrooms and as such, those hoping to learn more should look to this body of research. The blog articles contained here borrow from those traditions and blend in some of the scholarship and learning that has been done specifically as it relates to this approach in the college student affairs setting. Although some of it is grounded in residence life practice, it is equally flexible and applicable to all of student affairs. For this reason, the terms residential curriculumand curricular approachare used largely interchangeably.

If you’re looking to learn more about curricular approaches, ACPA’s Institute on the Curricular Approach remains the premier and only destination for training in this model. Roompact is a proud sponsor on the Institute and is its official software partner. We will also continue to provide freely available resources to all through our blog and in the curriculum workshops, consultations, and other services we provide to schools. Please feel free to reach out and inquire if you want to know more.

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