HigherEdTech and Innovation Conferences in One Handy Infographic

Higher-Ed Edtech And Innovation Conferences

All the higher ed tech and innovation conferences in one easy to consume infographic! The folks over at EdSurge made this AMAZING design that outlines some of the key conferences on tech and related innovations in the higher ed space. While this previously existed for our K-12 colleagues, EdSurge has performed this excellent service for those of us that work with and in colleges and universities. If you click on the image above, it will take you to the original post which includes a PDF of the graphic along with full dates, locations, and… Read More

100 College Students… Represented Visually… And They’re Not What You Might Expect

America As 100 College Students

Turn on the TV or watch a movie and you may think that a majority of college students are 18-24 years old, attend a four-year institution full-time, live in an on campus residence hall, and attend class in a physical classroom.  Those of us that work in higher education, however, know that although this is the dominant narrative represented in the media, it is very far from the reality (even though we may need to be reminded of this fact on occasion).  I came across the following infographic from the Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation that does… Read More

DOWNLOAD MY DISSERTATION: College Students, Social Media, Digital Identities, and the Digitized Self

I am happy to finally make my entire final dissertation available for all to download and read.  This document represents some of the first qualitative research into how traditionally aged college students use social media and its impact on their development and how they construct identities online.  If you want a more detailed description, I’ve included the abstract below. Interested in downloading it?  In addition to the dissertation now being available on the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Database, I’ve also made it available as direct download here from my website.

Why I Made the Jump from HigherEd Institution to a HigherEdTech Company

  Two weeks ago I started my first day working (albeit remotely) at the Res Ed software company, Roompact, and it was momentous in many ways for me. Not only is this my first full-time job after completing my PhD; but it is also my first job working for a private company as opposed to working at an institution of higher education.  I know a number of individuals that have made this switch from a higher education institution to a higher education vendor and more people who are contemplating it.  To that end,… Read More

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