How To Find Your Life Purpose

I came across this great SlideShare by OfficeVibe CEO, Dan Benoni, the other day.  Not only does it represent impeccable slide design and narrative form, but it also provides a great message and some very tangible takeaways. The presentation is organized around the following six headings: 1.  WHY knowing your purpose is crucial 2.  Five powerful BENEFITS you can reap 3.  How to find YOUR PURPOSE with 3 simple questions 4.  Nine inspiring EXAMPLES of life purposes 5.  Six essential HACKS to live your purpose 6.  The most important REMINDER to apply those… Read More

Why It’s More Important Than Ever To Teach Students To “Lead Imperfectly”

I was recently provided a copy of James Robilotta’s new book, Leading Imperfectly: The Value of Being Authentic for Leaders, Professionals, and Human Beings.  James is one of my “digital friends.”  A person I’ve connected to virtually, through shared goals, a shared outlook on life, and kismet.  We’ve barely spoken in person, but he’s one of those people who give you the vague feeling that you already know them before you’ve met them.  All around a great guy.

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Hey #SApro, what was your win today?

When I was starting a new job, one of my good friends who helped me process my first few days would always ask: What was your win today?   It was one of those seemingly benign lines that stuck in my head for some reason. What was my win today? What was my win today? What was my win today?   My friend explained that she tries to identify a win every day. Sometimes big. Sometimes small. Sometimes it’s fixing a problem. Sometimes it’s starting something new. Sometimes it’s a project. Sometimes… Read More