8 Inspiring Quotes From Mister Rogers For Thanksgiving

My Guest Appearance on The Collegiate Empowerment Show

  I was SUPER pleased to join Tony D’Angelo on The Collegiate Empowerment Show this week.  We had a great conversation about my career and life path, my experience with technology growing up and how I turned that passion into the subject of my research.  I hope you’ll find it an interesting listen.  Tony is an excellent interviewer and asked me some really thought-provoking questions.  Many thanks to Tony and the folks at Collegiate Empowerment for having me!  It was a blast. Listen in:

Your SA Inspiration for the Day: Little Things Lead You To Big Things

My good friend and filmmaker Brock Cravy posted this video of some kids and adults painting a fence in the hot Texas sun.  He asked simple questions… Why are you doing this?  And the results give you more than the simple question would seem to elicit.  If you need a little inspiration in your day or a reminder why you do the work you do… this is it.  A good reminder for educators.  Enjoy the brief video below.

Saying Goodbye to Boston, in Photos…

It’s been four great years, Boston, but it’s time to say goodbye and move on to my next adventure.  I’ve learned to love New England (particularly in the summer… ahem), and I thought the best way to say goodbye was through some pictures I took of this iconic city and amazing region…

The Time I Visited JetBlue Headquarters

As my friend Keith said, “The circle completes itself.” When I started traveling and interacting with JetBlue on Twitter, I never intended nor thought my journey would take me here… and yet, nevertheless, this week had me heading to JetBlue’s Long Island City headquarters to present to the crew members of JetBlue.  I had the opportunity to tell my story and present on my experiences being a loyal customer. If you’ve followed my journey with JetBlue, you know that it’s been a bit “unconventional.”  What started with a simple tweet became something so much more.  As… Read More