Presentation Tip: Books and Resources

Many people ask me about resources available to help them become better presenters and build better presentations.  There are two individuals that I think are doing particularly outstanding work.  I highly suggest checking out their blogs and books.  Links are provided below. Garr Reynolds Garr is perhaps my favorite author that speaks and writes on presenting.  An American transplant in Japan, his blog, Presentation Zen, is an excellent resource.  His unique angle on the topic is the way he incorporates elements of Japanese zen and culture into his work (hint: simplicity and harmony… Read More

Guest on Student Affairs Live: Building Innovative Slidedecks

I had a blast as a guest on the Student Affairs Live broadcast on Wednesday, April 24 at Noon EST.  We talked about how to design and give presentations.  I love this topic and frequently present on it, and media design in general, to my students.  If you’re curious about some of my work, you can check it out on SlideShare. The link to the show is here.  I’ve also embedded a recording below.