Six Videos To Use During Residence Life Professional Staff Training (With Bonus Curriculum Videos!)

Roompact is more than just software, we also providing training and consulting services. In the course of developing materials for these services, we’ve identified a number of high quality videos that address topics related to higher education and student learning. The following are some of our favorites that make excellent conversation starters for any professional staff training you may be conducting. The first set of videos below address larger macro-issues, while the bonus set of videos at the end come from ACPA Video on Demand and address residential curriculum more specifically. These… Read More

Implications for Staff Member Duties, Selection, Training, and Development When Transitioning to a Curricular Approach

Transitioning to a residential curriculum is as much about educational plan development as it is about organizational change. The reason for this is that curricular approaches are often paradigmatic change–change predicated on an entirely new set of premises. In other words, rather than just rearranging the furniture in the room, you’re changing the entire room itself. Because of this, there are many implications for how your organization itself may need to change to account for a curricular focus.  Chief among these changes may be related to your staff member duties, and your… Read More

What’s On Your Residential Education and Curriculum Summer Reading List?

In a recent post to the Residential Curriculum Facebook page, a number of folks started sharing what’s on their reading list related to residential student learning, education, and curriculum. Since summer time is typically a great occasion to catch up on reading and other work, we curated this list of “summer readings” from their suggestions. In case you missed it…

Video: PechaKucha – Claiming Our Roles As Educators: Residential Curriculum and Curricular Approaches

At the most recent Convention of ACPA – College Student Educators International, I had the opportunity to present a PechaKucha-stylepresentation on residential curriculum and curricular approaches to student affairs work. In this video I discuss why we need a curricular approach, how the movement started, what curricular approaches entail, and how we can move this idea towards competency based certification. There are many possible implications for student learning. Closed captioning is available through the YouTube setting.

Updated eBook! Blog Post Compendium on “Developing a Co-Curricular Learning Model”

Today, I’m excited to release a second edition of the Roompact eBook that compiles the “Best of the Roompact ‘On Duty’ Blog.” I’ve taken posts from our blog and repackaged them into a freely available and downloadable eBook that provides information about residential curriculum and curricular approaches. You’ll find the same great content you’ve come to know from the blog, but packaged in a sequential format that makes it a great for professional development and staff training programs. Whether you’re new to curricular approaches or still learning and implementing, this ebook has… Read More