SPOTLIGHT: Use To Create Automated Web Newsletters is a tool I’ve been using for a while now in my classroom.  The web service provides the ability to create automated weekly or daily “newsletters” that aggregate content around a particular hashtag or search term.  Enter in a search term or hashtag and will aggregate links shared across Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and RSS.  These links will then be visually shared on your published newsletter and dynamically updated according to your frequency preference.  When a new edition is out, automated social media posts will be pushed out indicating a new edition… Read More

SPOTLIGHT: Twitter Walls For Use During Events

If you’re hosting an event or conference, you may want to display live tweets with a specific hashtag for all attendees to see.  There are a number of high quality paid options out there, but also some that are free.  Below you’ll find some examples of “twitter walls” that I’ve had various success with using.  Thank about incorporating it into orientation or perhaps a student conference. Twitter Fontana Twitterfall Visible Tweets tweetwally   And free-ish… TweetBeam This is a post from my ongoing effort every Wednesday to highlight apps, web services, and vendors that may be of… Read More

SPOTLIGHT: The Clean Simple Presentation Creator HaikuDeck

Haiku Deck is a free web-based presentation software platform that makes it easy to create highly visual slide decks.  Haiku Deck doesn’t get caught up in the camera panning zooms and crazy animations of Prezi, but instead focuses on high quality images and simple text.  Access to these images is built right into and included with Haiku Deck, for free.  Of course, there are paid additional options within the app, but you’ll probably find the free options more than enough.  The app is relatively simple, so you’ll give up some of the customizing… Read More

SPOTLIGHT: Ello, The New Social Network On The Block

The new social network “Ello” has been getting a lot of press lately, so I thought this Wednesday’s spotlight might be a good time to share some of my experiences with it.  Is it going to be an EdTech tool any time in the near future?  Absolutely not.  Is the rise of interest in it fascinating?  100% yes.  If you log on to Ello, you’re treated to a relatively spartan experience.  As the creators state, the network is still in beta and new features are added every day.  The site is currently… Read More

SPOTLIGHT: Use PollEverywhere To Create Instant Audience Polls

For my first Wednesday spotlight, I wanted to showcase a tool I personally use in my teaching and presentations, Poll Everywhere.  Poll Everywhere allows individuals to create quick polls, quizzes, and interactive message boards that can be integrated into presentation software for gathering feedback on the fly.  Individuals can access and answer the polls via a website on any device with a browser, or use SMS texting.  If you’re looking for a way to bring interactive elements to your classroom or next talk, give Poll Everywhere a look.  They have a number… Read More