SPOTLIGHT: University Of Delaware PD’s Viral Video, CopLineBling, “You can call me on the blue phone…”

A friend shared this video with me and… it… is… awesome.  The campus police at the University of Delaware created their own music video to highlight their LiveSafe campus safety smartphone app.  Making a play off of Drake’s music video, “Hotline Bling,” the officers created “Copline Bling.”  It is an excellent example of a fun, yet informative way to engage a college community through the use of social media. Plus, check out those moves!  So smooth.  So Smooth.

SPOTLIGHT: Kickstarter-ing Undergraduate Research at William and Mary [REBLOG]

Originally posted on Society & Social Media:
What do “social” web technologies look like in practice within higher education?  This is a question that I often see posed within both online conversations and at conference educational sessions, but rare is the tangible answer that follows. Earlier this month, I was down at my alma mater, William & Mary, for the annual Charter Day Weekend festivities.  Each year, the College brings alums and current students together to celebrate the institution’s founding and honor distinguished alumni, and I was lucky enough to be down…

Year in Review: Examples of Social Media use in Higher Education & Student Affairs (2014)

  Semi-weekly, I try to highlight apps, web tools and websites that could be of use in the education space. The following is a review of all those highlighted in 2014.  Follow along in the new year with new spotlights.

SPOTLIGHT: Yale’s Admissions Musical Video

In 2010, Yale University produced this highly slick and fun admissions video to highlight the many features of its campus.  They used the highly shareable strategy of creating a “musical” about their college. Of course, video memes almost always spawn parody and satire.  This was the response from Harvard’s comedy news show On Harvard Time: This is a post from my ongoing effort to highlight interesting examples of social media efforts by colleges and universities.  Check out past examples here.  Have an example to share?  Tweet me.

SPOTLIGHT: Harvard’s Multimedia Page

More and more institutions are beginning to create “social media directories” or landing pages that catalog all of the different social media presences of their departments and offices.  Harvard takes this one step further with their creation of a multimedia landing page that incorporates video, audio, photos, iTunesU podcasts and audio all into one page.  It creates a hub for all sorts of content that can be shared and reused on webpages and accounts.  An excellent opportunity for collaboration across the institution to cross-promote each other’s work. They also have a sophisticated social… Read More