Clown nose background with title

photo copyI’m on a mission to spread happiness around the globe through the power of the clown nose.  You simply cannot be sad when you’re wearing a clown nose or you see someone else put one on.  I hope you’ll join me and become a Clown Noser!


Clown Noser submitted photos:

How to participate:

1.  Use your own/Purchase clown noses.  (Personally, I’ve bought these from Amazon with free shipping and I’ve found them to be superior to some other clown noses.)

2.  OPTIONAL – Print cards explaining the Project.  (Download the design here.  The template is formatted for these Avery cards, but you can print/cut them on your own too.)

3.  Go out and be a Clown Noser, bringing joy to unsuspecting people.  Give them a nose, (a card), and snap a picture/video.  Take one of yourself too!

4.  Submit your photos/videos of people (or yourself) for inclusion in The Clown Nose Project Tumblr by going to:

Questions?  Email me or Tweet me.