Snapchat is one of the hottest growing social media networks, particularly amongst teens and traditionally aged college students.  The twist to this network is that posts, or “snaps,” are temporary.  After a defined number of seconds they disappear forever.  Individuals can send snaps directly to people or curate 24 hour “stories” which are a series of posts that expire after 24 hours.  Colleges and universities are embracing Snapchat at a rapid pace.  Some of the early adopters included the University of Michigan and the University of Houston. CASE has recently developed a directory of colleges and universities on Snapshat and the list keeps growing.

Josie Ahlquist has written an extensive blog post on Snapchat’s use by students and higher education initiations. She followed this up with another post about higher education and student affairs professionals using Snapchat.

Want to know more about how snapchat works and how its overtaking its rivals?  This video is a good primer:

Some additional tips:

A GREAT article by Gary Vaynerchuk that provides an overview of the history of Snapchat and information about its basic functionality.  Also includes this great infographic: