I developed the following as a resource for my students.  I also want it to be available to others and have opened it up for community submissions.  If you have a resource to add to the list, please use the “submit” forms below.  If you have a change to make to something previously submitted, please email me and I will make the change!  Your feedback is always appreciated and if there is a topic or link you think I should add, let me know!  I have created a simple web address for this page, “www.studentaffairsresources.com,” to make it easily shareable.

A listing of commonly used higher education and student affairs hashtags and their focus/community.

A listing of bloggers who write on topics related to higher education, student affairs, and related topics.

A listing of international/national professionals associations (with a US-centric bias) and their websites and social media accounts.

A listing of regional and local professionals associations in the United States and their websites and social media accounts.

A listing of job posting sites and placement conferences in the United States centered on higher education and students affairs.  Additional resources for the job search included.

Resources to help with APA citations.

(Resource list of EdTech related journals/publications.)