Through the Lens of an iPhone: Wynwood Arts District

The Wynwood Arts District in Miami is an AMAZING art gallery/installation of street art. Below you’ll find some of my favorites. See Also: My Photos of Street Art From Around the World My Photos of Buenos Aires Street Art

Through the Lens of an iPhone: Street Art

Street art fascinates me.  The big bold colors.  The messages. The following photos come from street art I’ve passed my during my travels. See Also: My Photos from Wynwood Walls Art District in Miami My Photos of Buenos Aires Street Art

How Instagram Perverts The Developing College Student Mind

I came across these compelling images the other day and they immediately struck a chord with me.  Thai photographer Chompoo Baritone posted them to his Facebook page.  They demonstrate how Instagram photos often portray a selective view of reality–often a “perfected image” of life. In my research, I have found that one of the effects of these social media distortions is that they can lead to dissatisfaction with life and even depression amongst college students.  When one constantly consumes perfected images and content, one begins to compare one’s own life against these perfected images.  When one… Read More