Four Ways Residence Life Education Can Go Wrong

There are a number of practices in residential life and education that have become commonplace, but that don’t always advance our roles as educators and student affairs professionals.  Over my many years in residence life, I’ve seen the following four ideas surface again and again. They are concepts that seem to be ingrained in our collective experience and yet are not challenged as much as they should be. Is there a better way? Can we break out of some of these “bad habits”?

Using Social Media To Promote Your College/Student Events

Using social media is a great way to increase the attendance and engagement of students at your events.  When I consult with colleges and universities, event promotion is one of the top ways in which social media is used.  Unfortunately, however, many institutions are still using social media as just a replacement for the flier.  Social media can do so much more.  At its best, it becomes an integrated feature of events and allows for a broader impact beyond those who are physically in attendance. The following infographic provides an excellent overview about how you can go… Read More