Half A Million Reasons To Be Thankful… Thank YOU!

I have many many reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving, but one of the many thanks I have to share is a thank you to the readers of this blog.  It’s thanks to your feedback and encouragement that my blog is approaching 500,000 views.  If trends continue as they have, it will likely hit this half a million mark before the end of the calendar year.  When I started blogging in 2012, I never expected to reach or impact this type of audience.  It’s been pretty incredible and humbling.  (And that is… Read More

Blurred Lines: “The Student Affairs Professionals” Facebook Group and Social Media

  The internet is open.  This is both the beauty and power of the internet and the ugly side of the internet.  Part of its beauty is that it enables peer-to-peer learning, the facilitation of relationships and the organic building of community.  Part of its power is that it democratizes conversation without needing to go through an authority or formal distribution channel.  If you have an idea, you can share it–find an audience of like-minded individuals and/or engaged dissenters.  The ugly side is that it can enable hurtful, negative and trolling behavior.  The tension between these… Read More

How to Blog with Confidence #SAwrites

Blogging takes courage.  It requires confidence.  It requires you to put your thoughts and ideas out there for everyone to read.  It requires that you be open to feedback, open to change, and open to exposing the sometimes messy process of your learning to the world. I’ve been blogging in earnest for the past three years and I’m constantly learning in the process.  I frequently hear from new bloggers (as well as from some experienced ones) that they struggle with being confident.  This struggle is often due to a few reasons: Bloggers may… Read More

#ACPA15 & #NASPA15 Presentation: #SAwrites: Blogging in Student Affairs and Higher Education

I am pleased to be presenting on blogging in higher education and student affairs with some amazing colleagues at the ACPA Convention this week and at the NASPA convention later in the month.  To go along with our session, we’ve created a resource page.  I’ve included it here, but you can point your browsers to SAwrites.com at any time to go to the most up-to-date permanent landing page.  Perhaps this can become a resource page for bloggers in the future? This website was developed as a companion to two educational sessions originally presented at… Read More

Year in Review: My Top Viewed Blog Posts of the Year (2014)

  Out of a total of over 150,000 views, the following are my most visited blog posts from 2014. First up the top 5 funny posts, followed by the top 5 of my more serious content.