Content Curation: Copyright, Fair Use, and Creative Commons [REBLOG]

A great piece from Laura Pasquini that provides a primer and overview of aspects of fair use, creative commons, and using/remixing content and images found online.  For those of you teaching, creating presentations, or posting content online, the following provides a great overview of the basics.

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In planning my courses this term, the textbook for my LTEC 4000 course will be OPTIONAL. With a wealth of training and development resources digitally available online, in databases, from many professional organizations, and in our library system, I decided to have my three sections of my class be rhizomatic in their learning. (Thanks for modeling this learning approach for a few years now, Dave.) Learning is more than consumption. By encouraging my students to curate their own knowledge, I hope it will help  contextualization how these course objectives are applicable for the world of work. This semester LTEC4000 will aggregate training and development content in a wiki. Here’s to giving ownership to the learning process through research inquiry, critical thinking, and content contribution. Wish me luck!


In thinking about digital curation and online literacy, I want my students to consider how they share, remix, and adapt…

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