Creating Effective Curriculum Facilitation Guides and Lesson Plans for Staff

Once you have decided on your educational priority, learning goals, narratives, and learning outcomes, and developed rubrics, it is time to begin putting these educational objectives into action through strategies. Strategies are the vehicles for educational delivery. They can include activities such as programs and events, newsletters, and guided community or individual conversations. Facilitation guides function as the “lesson plans” for delivering these strategies. By developing facilitation guides, educators can ensure consistency. This includes consistency across different facilitators and over time, from month-to-month or year-to-year.  Because of this consistency, facilitation guides also provide… Read More

Video: PechaKucha – Claiming Our Roles As Educators: Residential Curriculum and Curricular Approaches

At the most recent Convention of ACPA – College Student Educators International, I had the opportunity to present a PechaKucha-stylepresentation on residential curriculum and curricular approaches to student affairs work. In this video I discuss why we need a curricular approach, how the movement started, what curricular approaches entail, and how we can move this idea towards competency based certification. There are many possible implications for student learning. Closed captioning is available through the YouTube setting.

Updated eBook! Blog Post Compendium on “Developing a Co-Curricular Learning Model”

Today, I’m excited to release a second edition of the Roompact eBook that compiles the “Best of the Roompact ‘On Duty’ Blog.” I’ve taken posts from our blog and repackaged them into a freely available and downloadable eBook that provides information about residential curriculum and curricular approaches. You’ll find the same great content you’ve come to know from the blog, but packaged in a sequential format that makes it a great for professional development and staff training programs. Whether you’re new to curricular approaches or still learning and implementing, this ebook has… Read More

Have We Reached The Tipping Point For Residential Curriculum Model Adoption?

My vantage point at Roompact gives me unique insights into the industry. Given the large number of schools we work with and interact with, we’re often able to begin to see trends before others in the field. One thing we have discussed is the increasing use of curricular models by departments of residence life and education. In particular, we have noticed an acceleration within the last two years. This left us wondering: Have we reached a tipping point for residential curriculum? Will curricular approaches be near universally adopted within the coming years?