Residence Life Explained in Emoji: The Poster

I've always been fascinated by how mobile communications are increasingly pushing us towards more visual forms of communication and expression.  Memes, animated gifs, and, of course, emoji.  With the beginning of the year upon us... RA training... residence hall opening... I thought it was appropriate to rework some of the emoji series I did last... Continue Reading →

Residence Life Explained in Emoji 2 (Crowdsourced)

In my original post (included at the end) I included a challenge to residence life pros and resident assistants to tweet me their own emoji.  Here's what they sent: Submitted by @KMcCarthy8185: Submitted by @dougtate: Submitted by @Jen_Cox: I made this one:Submitted by @TorryBruce: Submitted by @icehockeystick: Submitted by @awall13: Submitted by @cm_ferrari3: Submitted by @TorryBruce: Submitted by @ValerieHeruska: BUY this as... Continue Reading →

My #IceBucketChallenge Entry for ALS (with #FLAIR)

I got challenged to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from my good ACPA friend, Melissa Jones.  Challenge accepted and executed (see animated gif), but I also went a bit further.  See photos below. 😉 To pay it forward, it's an ACPA-College Student Educators International THROWDOWN.  I challenge the current, past and vice presidents of... Continue Reading →

Residence Life Explained in Emoji

A gift to my friends in Residence Life.  May August treat you well!   xoxo Pb BUY this as a poster! Or a greeting card.  Help fund my doctoral dissertation!  The paid version uses a sharper, higher resolution file. For the poster, there are multiple price points, qualities, and sizes....  All proceeds help fund my dissertation.... Continue Reading →

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