SPOTLIGHT: The Guy With The Wand Who Got Fired Because Of A Facebook Post

Can Facebook get you fired?  You bet it can. This is the story of Kevin Colvin, a bank intern.  Kevin needed to “go out of town” suddenly and sent his boss the following email: Well, the “something that came up at home” was actually just a party that Kevin wanted to attend.  He posted photos of the party: Kevin’s boss found the photos, and well, let’s say it didn’t end well.  His boss responded with the following email: Kevin was ultimately fired from his position as a result of lying to his… Read More

Why you should “like” things… Including this post.

Liking matters on Facebook… and any other platform that uses a news feed algorithm for that matter. When people “like” something, it can mean many different things.  It can literally mean you like something.  Sometimes it’s to indicate thoughts of sympathy or empathy (something that you don’t really literally like, per se).  Sometimes it just indicates that you’ve read something or you acknowledge it.  Regardless of how you use it, liking matters.  It actually impacts what you see in your newsfeed. As you connect to more and more people on social networks, it becomes… Read More

I lost my first Facebook friend over #Ferguson

At least that I know of. Yesterday, I went to a Facebook friend’s profile and noticed that we no longer friends.  The last interaction we had was last week in some Facebook comments regarding an article I posted on issues of race in America.  It wasn’t an article about Michael Brown or Eric Garner, but a post by a professor at Vassar College detailing her experiences of racial incidents in and around the college. (My Vassar College ID Makes Everything OK) In going back and forth with my friend in the comments, the friend pressed… Read More

Culture Online: Contact Not Content is King

Is there something that can be described as the “online culture?”  I don’t think so, but I do think that technology is structuring the way we think and interact and I do think that there are cultural norms broadly perpetuated and upheld.  Online culture, although diverse, still maintains persistent themes. In describing how this first “internet generation” has grown up, Tapscott (2011) identified eight norms or “distinctive attitudinal and behavioral characteristics that differentiate this generation from their babyboom parents and other generations” (Kindle Locations 1957-1958). These themes included: freedom, customization, scrutiny, integrity,… Read More

SPOTLIGHT: Loyola Maryland’s Facebook Cover Photos

Loyola University of Maryland started this very simple effort to promote their institution and develop a sense of community and belonging amongst their students.  By creating pre-formatted Facebook cover photos, they are making it easier than ever for students to show their pride.  Check out their landing page. Images are updated yearly for incoming classes and provide a range of options. They have also created cover photos specific to incoming classes.  A great way to build excitement for first year students: And, of course, sports are also a focus, but not the… Read More