SPOTLIGHT HigherEd #FollowFriday: @ChrisJScanlon

I first met Chris when he was interviewing for a job at one of my former institutions.  Although the job didn't mutually work out, it was clear to me from the day we met that Chris was going places.  He tweets about donuts, hockey, and running, and occasionally you'll find him on an #SAchat dropping some wisdom.... Continue Reading →

SPOTLIGHT HigherEd #FollowFriday: @NikiMessmore

Niki always puts out great content and is quick to provide an insightful thought or tweet.  She has a very successful blog, Dances With Dissonance, which covers a number of topics both within higher education and outside of it, including social justice, feminism, life transitions, and professional issues.  Consider giving her a follow! Follow @NikiMessmore This... Continue Reading →

SPOTLIGHT HigherEd #FollowFriday: @EricaKThompson

Erica is enthusiastic and always willing to reach out and make new friends.  She is heavily involved in the #SAchat community, so if you ever participate in one of the weekly chats, it's highly likely she might be the mysterious moderator behind the account.  Check out her blog and give her a follow... Follow @EricaKThompson This is a post... Continue Reading →

SPOTLIGHT HigherEd #FollowFriday: @HeatherGasser

Heather and I are ACPA leadership buddies.  She was the Coordinator of Commissions when I was starting as the Coordinator of Standing Committees and now she is the Director of Membership Development and I am her elect.  There are numerous points of overlap in our professional journeys and also in our professional interests.  Heather is... Continue Reading →

SPOTLIGHT HigherEd #FollowFriday: @LauraPasquini

Dr. Laura Pasquini has been a good friend of mine for a very long time... since we worked at Miami University almost a decade ago.  Although we didn't know it then, she and I share a research interest in all things Ed-Tech.  She's incredibly knowledgeable, travels the world, and maintains a blog where she shares... Continue Reading →

SPOTLIGHT HigherEd #FollowFriday: @BDProffer

Brian is a new professional at Michigan State University that blogs about higher education, student affairs, web 2.0, LGBT issues and general life inspirations and observations.  He's thoughtful, has some great insights, and is also your "go to" if you want to see tweeted pictures of cute animals (and who doesn't?).  Check him out and give him a... Continue Reading →

SPOTLIGHT HigherEd #FollowFriday: @ACPAprez

Forget transferring a gavel, this is the 21st century.  Now we transfer Twitter accounts.  The @ACPAprez account transfers from President to President every year during the Annual Business Meeting of ACPA-College Student Educators International.  ACPA, one of the comprehensive professional associations in student affairs and higher education is an excellent account to follow, but don't... Continue Reading →

SPOTLIGHT HigherEd #FollowFriday: @NASPApres

As one of two of the comprehensive student affairs professional associations based in the United States, NASPA is one of the organizations you need to follow.  You can also follow Kevin Krueger, the current president of NASPA, who tweets under his own @NASPApres account.  Follow him to stay abreast of some of the goings on in Washington, as... Continue Reading →

SPOTLIGHT HigherEd #FollowFriday: @AnnMarieKlotz

Currently working at the New York Institute of Technology, Ann Marie has specialties in women's and gender studies, leadership, and social media.  She constantly tries to ask the unasked question and always has something interesting to say.  You can also follow her blog.  She also contributes to a group blog, Firestarters at NYIT, a "place for innovators, disruptors... Continue Reading →

SPOTLIGHT HigherEd #FollowFriday: @AmmaMarfo

Amma has an amazing ability to perfectly summarize anything she hears into 140 characters or less.  If you want to follow the best live-tweeter in student affairs, Amma is it.  Amma also maintains a blog, and frequently writes and speaks about introversion and about how humor can teach you about your work. Follow @AmmaMarfo This... Continue Reading →

SPOTLIGHT HigherEd #FollowFriday: @EdCabellon

If you're reading this, you probably follow Ed already, but if you're not, do it right now.  Ed was one of the early adopters of Twitter and has an expertise in social media in higher education and in college student union work.  He's also been the initiator of a number of initiatives including #SAgrow, for... Continue Reading →

SPOTLIGHT HigherEd #FollowFriday: @DrCindiLove

Dr. Cindi Love is the new Executive Director of ACPA-College Student Educators International.  Cindi brings some excellent perspectives on social justice in higher education and what we can do to affect change.  If you want to stay current on happenings in Washington impacting higher education, or just need a dose of inspiration, Cindi Love is... Continue Reading →

SPOTLIGHT HigherEd #FollowFriday: @PGLove33

I love Patrick Love.  The current Vice President of Student Affairs at NYIT, Patrick has been a leader in higher education through roles as a scholar, a speaker, and a disruptor.  It is perhaps this last quality that makes me appreciate Patrick the most.  He is constant striving to look at things in new ways and... Continue Reading →

SPOTLIGHT HigherEd #FollowFriday: @JosieAhlquist

Since it's my first Follow Friday post, it's only fitting I start with the woman who inspired me to begin this process.  Josie Ahlquist is a Doctoral student in higher education, and a researcher and speaker on social media and college students, particularly as it relates to leadership and student self-presentation online.  Josie shares her knowledge... Continue Reading →

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