ResLife Myth #1: Food is Necessary for Program Attendance

We’ve all heard it before: Residents won’t attend a program, particularly an educational program, unless there is food. While I’m not naive to the fact that food is a great draw, I do believe that we rely on food too much and that it often gets in the way of educating residents. Don’t get me wrong. I love food more than anyone. Ask any one of my friends on Facebook how often I post about food. There are many benefits to food in a community environment. Food is an excellent way of bringing individuals together. A… Read More

Through the Lens of an iPhone: FOOD!

I am a big time foodie… and sometimes I wish I was a food photographer.  The following are images I captured during my culinary adventures.  It’s incredibly hard to take good food photos in the challenging low light levels of most restaurants.  In order to get the food to look real and/or appealing, the photos require a lot of exposure and color adjustments.  Because I’m posting some of these images far after-the-fact, in a few cases, I violated iPhoneography rules and made adjustments via my laptop instead of on my phone (although they were all… Read More