MORE Ryan Gosling: Perfect Student Affairs Boyfriend

Ryan Gosling is the perfect student affairs boyfriend and he continues to show us why… Find out more about the history behind the Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” meme.

Student Affairs in LEGO

Ever wondered what the profession of student affairs would look like rendered in Lego? Wonder no longer.  (photo credit) (photo credit) (photo credit) Inspired in part by @LegoAcademics: Don't bother applying, there's an internal candidate. — Lego Academics (@LegoAcademics) September 12, 2014 The @LegoAcademics brace themselves for the fast-approaching onslaught of new students. — Lego Academics (@LegoAcademics) September 3, 2014 The University email server is experiencing technical problems. Please try again later. We appreciate your patience. — Lego Academics (@LegoAcademics) August 11, 2014 PUBLISH OR PERISH!!!! — Lego… Read More

Student Affairs Grumpy Cat

He is your inner monologue that you hide to provide the veneer of positivity in everyday situations… He is the  Student Affairs Grumpy Cat. BOOM!

Ryan Gosling: Perfect Student Affairs Boyfriend

Ryan Gosling is the perfect student affairs boyfriend.  He understands the unique issues in your job.  He’s a feminist and fights for social justice.  He reads student development theory in his spare time.  He’s sensitive and always there to support you.  Therefore, on this Friday, I give you a little bit of love… If you haven’t seen the Ryan Gosling memes, here’s your primer.

Fake RA Incident Reports From Pop Culture: Saved By the Bell

Date: November 3, 1990 Time: 8:34pm Location: Bayside Hall room 231 Responding Staff Member: Richard Belding Residents Involved: Jesse Spano, Zach Morris, Samuel “Screech” Powers, A.C. Slater RD Richard Belding received a call to the staff duty phone at approximately 8:34pm from Resident Samuel “Screech” Powers.  Resident Screech stated that he had recently come back from the local hangout known as “The Max,” and encountered Resident Zach Morris running through the lobby of Bayside Hall.  Resident Screech reported that Resident Morris stated, “I’ve got to check on Jesse.  She’s in trouble.”  Resident Screech indicated… Read More