The History of the Selfie: And it All Began 1839…

Originally posted on ISYS8621: Digital Transform.:
And the 2013 award for Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year is…. Selfie. Now folks, for all of you that are worried that the English language is going down the toilet, let’s keep in mind that “selfie” is part of the Oxford Dictionary Online, and not the Oxford English Dictionary, and the two are very different. The ODO focuses on current and practical usage, while the OED shows how words and meanings have changed over time. Basically, fad words like “twerk” can be put in the…

Social media began…. 2,000 years ago?! [REBLOG]

Originally posted on ISYS8621: Digital Transform.:
If you had asked me before MI621 when I thought the beginning of social media was I probably would have guessed that it started with MySpace or Xanga. Then in our first class we learned that the reply all button on email was when social media first took place on the internet. But what if social media began before the reply all button? What if it began 2,000 years ago in Rome? In his book Writing on the Wall: Social Media the First 2,000 Years, Tom Standage,…

The Story of Residence Halls (Told in Video)

History of American Residence Halls

I created this presentation back in 2008(?) for RA Training to help my RAs understand how the educational purpose of residence halls has evolved over time and where, as student staff, they fit into that history.  I recently came back across it and thought I’d put it up on the web as a video for others to use and share as they see fit.  It holds up pretty well for being nearly 6 years old at this point.  Enjoy! (Sorry for some of the rough song transitions.  Keynote has some limits when you’re… Read More

How ACPA’s Standing Committees Got Their Name

I currently serve as the American College Personnel Association’s (ACPA’s) Coordinator for Standing Committees.  Standing Committees are organizations in ACPA that represent some of the social identities present in the student affairs profession and in our work with students.   In my role, I represent, coordinate the work of, and advocate for the Standing Committees for/on Women, Men, Graduate Students and New Professionals, Disability, Multicultural Affairs, and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Awareness. Although our mission is clear, the name “Standing Committee,” is often a source of confusion for new (and even experienced)… Read More