How do you prioritize urgent versus important in your work?

One useful tool I use in organizing myself and understanding my work is known as the Eisenhower Productivity Matrix.  Detailed in my presentation below, it divides tasks into four quadrants with two variables: urgent and important. How do you or how might you apply these principles into your daily work?

Writing or Revising Your College’s Social Media Policy? Here’s a List of 250+ of Them

Originally posted on techKNOWtools:
During the course of my dissertation research, a few events connected to the scope of my study, and directly to the social media documents I was gathering.  I ended up building a database of 250 post-secondary education (PSE) institutional guidelines and policies to completely understand HOW the PSE sector is ACTUALLY  “guiding” social media. More importantly my research uncovers the organizational identity and cultural values of social media among 10 different countries. {More to be shared post dissertation defense June 12, 2014.} If you are interested in either…