Have You Seen Zeb Davenport’s ACPA Video? A Postive Self Talk “Alphabet” Tour De Force.

If you want to watch a master presenter, you have to see Zeb Davenport’s PechaKucha talk from ACPA 2015.  I’ve worked with the PechaKucha format a lot over the past few years, and I believe this is one of the most masterful uses of the format.  PechaKucha as you may remember, is 20 slides, each on the screen for 20 seconds, and set to automatically advance.  What Zeb does at the end, as he goes through the alphabet with near perfect timing, is nothing short of amazing. This is the real deal…. Read More

You could be doing so much more than that cat video… Use social media to lift up others

Social media can be used for a lot of purposes: providing an update on a moment in your life, letting other people know about an event or cause, or sharing an interesting article you’ve read… all great uses… but social media can be used for so much more.  Social media starts off as a novelty.  You get excited that other people are interested in what you have to say.  You get glimpses into your friends and colleagues lives.  It’s one long conversation that exists across the boundaries of time and physical distance, and… Read More