Hiring ResLife Professional Staff for a Residential Curriculum

When transitioning your residence life program to a residential curriculum model, it becomes increasingly important that you hire professional staff with the requisite skills and competencies to enact the curriculum.  Although these skills are desirable in any residence life professional, they take on added importance in a residential curriculum.  Some of the competencies required of staff under a residential curriculum include: A strong command of student development theory, research, and trends Ability to translate broad educational statements and philosophies into practice Ability to write clear, specific and measurable learning outcomes Ability to assess… Read More

100 Professionals Answer “Why They Choose Student Affairs” As A Career #CSAM15

In honor of Careers in Student Affairs Month (CSAM), I asked my colleagues to complete the following sentence: I received approximately 100 responses.  Doing a back-of-the-napkin qualitative coding and analysis for themes (completely non-scientific on a non-scientific sample), the chart below represents the most common responses.  Not surprisingly, “learning and growth” and “making positive change” rose to the top.  As a helping profession, one would hope to see this occur.  Many respondents explicitly reported they are motivated by wanting to help our most vulnerable student populations.  Interestingly, the theme of “pay it forward” appeared… Read More