#SAtechBOS Day 2 Twitter Recap

Miss the first day?  See a twitter recap here. Looking forward to day 2 of the #satechBOS unconference! #HereWeGo #LetsDoThis — Mike Lynch (@MikeLynch09) August 1, 2014 https://twitter.com/ThomasAKelley/status/495177440411783168 Day 2 of #satechBOS is about to start with a @guidebook workshop by @Jim_Gresham! See you soon! cc: @GuidebookEDU — #satechBOS UnConf (@satechBOS) August 1, 2014 rooftop selfies with guest appearances? why not? #satechBOS http://t.co/kiBQOuevb6 pic.twitter.com/Xm1ChcVrHq — Amma Marfo (@ammamarfo) August 1, 2014 Sending well wishes to @ThomasAKelley @jessmsamuels @RobbieSamuels & the #SAtechBOS crew for a great day 2! Thx for having me yesterday!… Read More

#SAtechBOS Day 1 Twitter Recap

https://twitter.com/ThomasAKelley/statuses/494800374575161344 Excited to be keynoting #SATechBOS at @SimmonsCollege today! Kudos to @ThomasAKelley & his team! #SAtech pic.twitter.com/RNJ34LcoM1 — Dr. Ed Cabellon (@EdCabellon) July 31, 2014 The wall is up and we are excited to welcome you all to #satechBOS! We are in the School of Management, 5th floor! pic.twitter.com/Q9Om3KtmwE — #satechBOS UnConf (@satechBOS) July 31, 2014 Let the technology un-conferencing begin! // @satechBOS #satechBOS pic.twitter.com/6926rzpN5a — Jim Gresham (@Jim_Gresham) July 31, 2014 Adoption of technology can be disruptive and uncomfortable, but it creates opportunities for learning for all involved. #satechBOS — Amma… Read More

I need your help! …to crowdsource a #StudentAffairs and #HigherEd resource…

Are you bored this 4th of July week, desperately counting down the days until vacation? I’ve got a distraction for you. I need… we need… your help!  I was searching for a solid list of professional associations in the student affairs/higher education field for my students and couldn’t find one.  The field is vast, always changing, and I certainly don’t know everything, so I thought, “Perhaps if I crowdsource this, I can draw on the collective wisdom of other professionals to create a resource not just for my students, but for everyone.”… Read More

3 Ways #ACPA14 Was The Most #Social #Innovative #Inspiring #StudentAffairs Conference Ever

I recently came back from the 2014 National Convention of ACPA-College Student Educators International… and it was AWESOME.  The Convention Team really took to the challenge of “reinventing” the conference experience into something new.  As a leader in the Association, I left the experience proud of what my colleagues had accomplished and excited that ACPA has become a nimble organization that is able to change quickly but with thoughtful intention.  Throughout it all, it was evident that ACPA’s values were front and center: (1) research and scholarship, (2) social justice, equity and inclusion, and (3) innovation and… Read More