The Quarterlife Crisis and The Twenteysomething Identity

One of the most popular readings I assign in my spring semester Higher Education practicum courses is from The Quarterlife Crisis: The Unique Challenge of Life in Your Twenties.  Although the cultural references within are somewhat dated, the concepts still resonate with their audience just as strongly.  It seems to uniquely capture some of the feelings that young college graduates face as they reach towards the next phase of their lives and the uncertainty that lies ahead.  You can see some of the students’ reactions to the reading from a previous semester,… Read More

Is the Quarterlife Crisis still real? Or was it ever?

Tweet I teach three spring semester Advanced Practicum courses to students in Boston College and Merrimack College‘s Higher Education Masters programs.  One of the readings I like to assign for the first class is a selection from Robbin and Wilner’s Quarterlife Crisis: The Unique Challenges of Life in Your Twenties.  Although the work has a few outdated references (it was published in 2001), I’m amazed at how the concept of the “quarterlife crisis” continues to resonate with my students, many of whom fall into this twenty-something range.  Admittedly, the quarterlife crisis refers… Read More