ResLife Myth #2: Overworking Means You Are Effective At Your Job

Student affairs practitioners, and particularly those in residence life, often have a problem with overworking. It’s not hard to understand why. Many of us enter this field because we were superstar over-involved undergraduate student leaders. We are also a profession of “helpers.” We do this work “for the students” and that sometimes means that we have to put their needs above our own. A propensity towards achieving and helping, without regards for setting boundaries, is something that is almost inherently baked into our collective DNA. As much as we’d like to help everyone, we can’t… Read More

ResLife Myth #1: Food is Necessary for Program Attendance

We’ve all heard it before: Residents won’t attend a program, particularly an educational program, unless there is food. While I’m not naive to the fact that food is a great draw, I do believe that we rely on food too much and that it often gets in the way of educating residents. Don’t get me wrong. I love food more than anyone. Ask any one of my friends on Facebook how often I post about food. There are many benefits to food in a community environment. Food is an excellent way of bringing individuals together. A… Read More

8 Apps and Ideas For Integrating Social and Digital Tech Into Your #RATraining

Integrating digital and social media tools into RA training programs can be an exciting and innovative way to hold your RAs’ attention. Below are some useful sites, apps, and services that you can use and some examples of how to use them. Have other ideas?