Residential Curriculum Q&A: Where do RHA’s and Hall Councils Fit into a Curricular Approach?

Residence Hall Associations (RHAs) and Hall Councils are student organizations commonly found in residence halls across the United States. Typical functions for these organizations include student-lead programming, community building efforts, and representation and advocacy around issues of concern to students. When developing a curricular approach, a number of institutions have questioned what role these types of organizations should play under this different model.

You Don’t Need to Have a Residential Curriculum to Benefit From it’s Concepts

Developing a residential curriculum or a divisional curricular approach is hard work. It takes time. It can take years to develop a curriculum that you feel is on solid footing and functioning well. The move to a curricular model is not just about identifying objectives, writing facilitation guides, and completing tasks. There is a lot of work required to change organizational culture, the way you work, and how you understand problems and conceive of solutions. Because this evolution takes time, many institutions will frequently say that they don’t have a “true” curriculum. The… Read More

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