Developing an Intentional Conversation Curriculum Guide for Student Staff

How to Structure Intentional Conversations in a Residential Curriculum

What are Intentional Conversations and Why Should You Use Them in Residential Education?

4 Documents that Place “Student Learning” at the Core of Residential Education

One of the primary roles of residence life professionals is to advance student learning. But given the myriad of hats and tasks that housing and residence life professionals take on, it can sometimes become lost in the mix. It requires professionals to remain vigilant. When developing educational plans, writing position descriptions, and training staff, these processes should be constantly evaluated in against what they do to advance student learning. Staff members should also be familiar with the justifications and reasons why advancing student learning is so important to their work. The literature on student learning in… Read More

10 Different Strategies for Promoting Residential Student Learning

The ultimate mission of student affairs work is to advance student learning. Although this occurs across campus, the professionals that work in residence life are uniquely situated in this process given the relatively high level of contact they have with students. Unlike most faculty members, however, the educational environment created by student affairs and residence life educators is not confined to the classroom. This has both benefits and challenges as it increases the methods and means of educating students, but lacks the directed consistency of a formal course. Although many residence life and education departments… Read More