Through the Lens of an iPhone: Rochester, NY

The following iPhoneography photos were taken in my childhood hometown of Rochester, NY.

iPhoneography Photos From My Travels, 2014 – First Third

My extreme travels have continued into 2014 and it’s time for another photo update and commentary on the amazing places I have visited, food I have eaten, and people I have met.  My photo installments from 2013 are here (1st half) and here (2nd half). Nearly all of this travel saw me flying on JetBlue, of course.  (You’re not new here are you?)  All of the pictures were taken with my iPhone and I even added a new piece of equipment to my repertoire.  I’ve started playing with a series of physical lens attachments from… Read More

This isn’t my normal blog post topic, but it’s cute and worth sharing… (WARNING: Potential cry-inducing video ahead)

For Mother’s Day 2014, I surprised my mom by flying home.  She had no clue.  Below is the video of her incredibly touching reaction when I surprised her.