SPOTLIGHT: Use Hashtracking for Quick Tweet Analytics

If you establish a hashtag for a campaign or program at your university, you’ll want to know how it’s used and what people say, right?  Enter “Hachtracking.”  This web tool does exactly what its name suggests, track the analytics of a hashtag.  This can be tremendously useful for assessment efforts and to gauge the success of your social media efforts.  It isn’t just limited to hashtags you “create” but you can also used it to understand how students are using common hashtags around campus.  I’ve used it on a number of occasions and found… Read More

Introducing My Dissertation Topic: College Students, Social Media and the Self

This Thursday, I will (finally) have my dissertation proposal hearing.  This means I will present my proposed dissertation research to my committee and seek approval to move forward into the data collection and analysis phases.  Proposals  generally include the “first three chapters” of a dissertation.  These chapters are typically an introduction, a review of literature, and a research plan including methods of data collection and procedures.  Below you will find a sample from my proposal as well as the presentation I will be using when I present it to my committee.  Enjoy! The following study attempts to… Read More