Social Media Engagement in Residence Life Takes Courage. Do You Have It?

Higher education and student affairs professionals generally prefer the predictable. And yet, when it comes to engagement with students online, social media is the antithesis of control. For this reason, developing an effective digital engagement strategy in residence life, and in student affairs and higher education in general, requires a great degree of trust and a leap of faith. Online engagement can be unpredictable at times. A rogue tweet can go viral, a post can be misinterpreted, and the lines between personal and professional are blurred.  Effectively engaging with students on social media… Read More

Presenting at #AIMHO 2016 Today…

I’m pleased to be presenting at the AIMHO 2016 conference alongside my esteemed colleague, Rachel Aho from the University of Utah. In this session we’ll be discussing aspects of research and practice that relate to the developmental challenges and opportunities college students face online. The theoretical underpinnings of this session are drawn from my qualitative study of college students and emerging adults.

Presenting at LEAD365 2016 Today…

For the second year, I’m pleased to be a member of the faculty for the Lead365 Conference. Lead365is an organization that promotes student leadership development and offers a yearly conference for students and staff alike to learn the latest leadership research and best practices. I am presenting three times at this year’s conference. Once for professional staff, sharing the results of my doctoral research, and twice for students, once as a lab on online personal/professional branding and a second time as an educational session about being vulnerable online. The slides are below for your… Read More

#ACUHOI BizOps 2016 Presentation: 7 Questions To Ask Before You Jump Into Social Media Marketing

I’m happy to be presenting multiple educational sessions at this year’s ACUHO-I Business Operations Conference. This session is focused on using social media for student engagement and marketing–a topic I’m frequently asked to speak about. The following page includes the slides as well as further resources that may be helpful. Enjoy! Abstract: The following session will review 7 questions one should be able to answer about establishing a departmental social media presence—including goals, audience, platforms, identity, organization, and responsibility.  Each of these questions will be followed up by examples and group dialogue.  This session… Read More

Presenting at The Fraternity and Sorority Life Summit of the Carolinas Today…

  This week has me presenting to members of the Greek Life leadership community at Winthrop University in North Carolina. I am grateful to Pi Kappa Phi and AFA for having me. The Greek community has a unique history and set of needs when it comes to social media. It seems not a week goes by without there being a story of “Greeks behaving badly” on social media. I would argue that it is not, perhaps, an issue unique to fraternities and sororities. Given the higher profile and elevated viability student leaders on… Read More