SPOTLIGHT HigherEd #FollowFriday: @Kristen_Abell

Kristen is a great follow if you want to stay current on tech in higher education and student affairs.  Kristen is one of the co-founders of the Student Affairs Women Talk Tech blog, and she maintains her own blog on topics ranging from technology to mental health.  Kristen and I serve on the ACPA Task Force on Social and Digital Technology, and Kristen has also been active in NASPA’s Technology Knowledge Community.  She’s definitely “one to follow.” Follow @Kristen_Abell This is a post from my ongoing effort to highlight interesting and engaging higher education professionals… Read More

SPOTLIGHT: George Washington University’s #ItsOnUs Campaign

Last year, the White House initiated the “It’s On Us” campaign to help bring awareness and seek a solution to on-campus sexual assault.  It also proactively seeks to change the cultural attitudes on campuses that lead to environments where sexual assault is permitted. The George Washington University heeded this call to action and created a series of videos featuring campus administrators, faculty, coaches, athletes and student leaders.  Take a look at their campaign video below. It’s On Us: The George Washington University from The George Washington University on Vimeo. GWU also created a toolkit… Read More

SPOTLIGHT HigherEd #FollowFriday: @HeatherGasser

Heather and I are ACPA leadership buddies.  She was the Coordinator of Commissions when I was starting as the Coordinator of Standing Committees and now she is the Director of Membership Development and I am her elect.  There are numerous points of overlap in our professional journeys and also in our professional interests.  Heather is an avowed feminist, helping start the Feminists in Student Affairs blog, and is active in digital and social media, also authoring her own blog.  Heather also serves as one of the hosts for Student Affairs Live.  Give… Read More

SPOTLIGHT HigherEd #FollowFriday: @JLMeriwether06

As odd as it may seem, Jason and I didn’t really meet and become friends until last year.  Odd, because he’s an online rockstar.  He blogs, he tweets, he does a little bit of everything.  Jason and I serve on the ACPA Presidential Task Force on Social and Digital Technology.  I’m also immensely pleased to have him joining the ACPA Governing Board with me come March.  Give him follow.  He’s friendly, gracious and welcoming. Follow @JLMeriwether06 This is a post from my ongoing effort to highlight interesting and engaging higher education professionals on Twitter.  Have… Read More

SPOTLIGHT: LinkedIn for Higher Education

You might think of LinkedIn as just a tool that you use to create a profile, network, and search for jobs.  LinkedIn, however, is making a big push into higher education using its treasure trove of data to help institutions engage with prospective students and alumni.  Want to know how many people working for Google majored in philosophy?  LinkedIn can show you that.  LinkedIn is also developing helpful and educational tools for current students and career services offices.  You’d be surprised about the extent to which they are engaging the higher education… Read More