Year in Review: #HigherEd and #SApros to Follow (2014)

  Semi-weekly, I try to highlight higher education and student affairs professional to follow on Twitter and online.  The following is a review of all those highlighted in 2014.  Follow along in the new year with new spotlights.

Year in Review: My Most Viewed SlideShare Presentations (2014)

  I have been on SlideShare since 2010 and am a big proponent of the platform. Think of it as the YouTube of presentations. This year I was designated a “Keynote Author” by SlideShare which saw the traffic to my content increase SIGNIFICANTLY.  The following is a review of my most viewed presentations from 2014.

Year in Review: Examples of Social Media use in Higher Education & Student Affairs (2014)

  Semi-weekly, I try to highlight apps, web tools and websites that could be of use in the education space. The following is a review of all those highlighted in 2014.  Follow along in the new year with new spotlights.

SPOTLIGHT HigherEd #FollowFriday: @LauraPasquini

Dr. Laura Pasquini has been a good friend of mine for a very long time… since we worked at Miami University almost a decade ago.  Although we didn’t know it then, she and I share a research interest in all things Ed-Tech.  She’s incredibly knowledgeable, travels the world, and maintains a blog where she shares it all.  Her doctoral dissertation was on Social Media policies of Higher Education institutions.  In many ways, Laura has been a trailblazer in this area.  Give her a follow: Follow @LauraPasquini This is a post from my ongoing… Read More

SPOTLIGHT: Achieve Inbox Zero with UnrollMe

We all get newsletters, promotions, and list-serve emails sent to our inbox every day.  Remember that one item you bought from that one website one time?  Now you get their daily emails.  It’s information overload. Sometimes managing the email glut is as simple as going through an unsubscribe spree every few months, but other times you want to receive the email but maybe not as frequently.  Or maybe you just want a more efficient way of scanning through it all. Enter  I’ve been a huge fan of since I stared… Read More