Who, Where, and How to Engage Partners and Stakeholders in a Residential Curriculum

Educational and curricular efforts exist in context. Furthermore, residence life and education departments do not exist on an island. When developing a campus or residential curriculum, it is important to identify partners and stakeholders early on and include them in the curriculum design process. This inclusion can include stages from planning to implementation, and throughout assessment and review processes.

Residential Curriculum Element #8: Key Stakeholders are Identified and Involved

Part of developing a curriculum is the realization that educational opportunities need not originate within a residence life program in order to be valuable for residents. If there are experts in a given area on campus, and they already provide educational opportunities and services, why not figure out a way to package, market, and provide these to residential students in a way that fits with their needs? This is one reason why collaboration with key partners and stakeholders is an important part of any learning plan. The residence hall can act as a… Read More