4 Documents that Place “Student Learning” at the Core of Residential Education

One of the primary roles of residence life professionals is to advance student learning. But given the myriad of hats and tasks that housing and residence life professionals take on, it can sometimes become lost in the mix. It requires professionals to remain vigilant. When developing educational plans, writing position descriptions, and training staff, these processes should be constantly evaluated in against what they do to advance student learning. Staff members should also be familiar with the justifications and reasons why advancing student learning is so important to their work. The literature on student learning in… Read More

The Student Learning Imperative In Star Wars Scroll Form…

The folks behind Star Wars released a fun little tool that allows you to turn any text into the classic “opening scroll” found at the beginning of the movies.  Playing around with some student affairs documents, I found the opening paragraph to the Student Learning Imperative to fit surprisingly well… it feels so dramatic!  Click the image below to watch the movie. 😉