Why SAPros Are Really Superheroes In Disguise [REBLOG from @JessMSamuels]

Every month I like to re-blog a post I find particularly interesting, insightful, or just plain fun.  This month’s reblog comes from Jess Samuels (@jessmsamuels) and includes an amazing infographic she designed.  Some truly excellent work!

Adventures in PopTechnology


Image Credits
Superman: Alex Ross
Lois Lane: Killian Plunkett
SA Team (JLA): Jim Lee, http://www.joinwecanbeheroes.org/
Superhero/Alterego prints: by Danny Haas, http://society6.com/artist/r0gue
Superhero Playing Cards: RedRaspus on Flickr
Origingally posted on Student Affairs Women Talk Tech on 2.7.12

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