Teaching College Students To Use The Appropriate Communication Platforms

One of the important ancillary findings arising out of my research is the need to teach college students about choosing the best to communication method for the contexts they find themselves in and the goals they want to achieve.  As the infographic above illustrates, different media have different levels of intimacy.  They also allow for different ranges of expression.  Talking face-to-face still holds the opportunity for the greatest range of expression– allowing for non-verbals such as body language, enunciation, tone, etc.  Electronic text-based media are the most limited and are often subject to misinterpretation.  Talking… Read More

Student Affairs Texts from Hillary

With the 2014 election behind us, you know what that means… time for 2016! With that in mind, here are a few student affairs text exchanges with Hillary… (Not familiar with this meme?  Read up on its history.) See Also: Student Affairs Problems? Thanks Obama!