MORE #StudentAffairs in LEGO

Because we built so much fun together last time, let’s build another student affairs meme. (photo credit) (photo credit) (photo credit) (Appropriate photo credit was attempted to be given when possible.  Photos without attribution come from LEGO or screen captures from The LEGO Movie.  These were created by me and LEGO does not endorse this post.)

Student Affairs in LEGO

Ever wondered what the profession of student affairs would look like rendered in Lego? Wonder no longer.  (photo credit) (photo credit) (photo credit) Inspired in part by @LegoAcademics: Don't bother applying, there's an internal candidate. — Lego Academics (@LegoAcademics) September 12, 2014 The @LegoAcademics brace themselves for the fast-approaching onslaught of new students. — Lego Academics (@LegoAcademics) September 3, 2014 The University email server is experiencing technical problems. Please try again later. We appreciate your patience. — Lego Academics (@LegoAcademics) August 11, 2014 PUBLISH OR PERISH!!!! — Lego… Read More