Tips On How To Be More Positive At Work

Are People With Higher Emotional IQs Drawn to Student Affairs Work? Can It Be Taught?

After coming across this infographic below (from UMD’s online MBA program), it got me thinking about the above questions.  Although I do not believe that all student affairs professionals have high levels of emotional intelligence, I do think it’s highly probable that people who are naturally skilled in this area are likely drawn to it and that the successful ones are more likely to persist.  I also believe it can be taught.  Many of the hallmarks of high emotional intelligence relate closely with issues addressed in our preparation programs.  Given the highly reflective… Read More

Stop. Think. Are you engaged at work? Why do you work in HigherEd?

Yesterday, I came across this interesting infographic mashup that maps worker engagement onto the classic pyramid of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.  (Thanks for sharing Dustin Ramsdell!)  Given that I am job searching myself, while also attempting to build a culture of engagement at my current institution, this infographic really spoke to me.  Much like Tuckman’s theory of group development (forming, storming, norming, performing), reaching the “highest stage” of “performing,” or in this case, “self-actualization” is actually quite rare.  It’s also incredibly rewarding when it is achieved.

12 Tricks to Appear Smart in Emails (from

I loved the first post on “10 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings” from, but then they came up with this gem!  Amazing!  Go check out their site.  It has some pretty great content.  And you can buy a lot of the items on posters, mugs and such.  BIG FAN!

What’s in a desk? Organizing for productivity.

A number of writers on the “Student Affairs Women Talk Tech” blog (Joise Ahlquist, Kristen Abell, and Jennifer Keegin) posted pictures of their desks and wrote posts describing their work space and how they personalize it and organize it for productivity.  I decided to take a cue from them and share my own desk as well as how organize myself to be successful.  I work from home, so I have a lot of opportunities to reorganize things the way I want.  Take a look at the presentation embedded below to get a better sense of… Read More