Tips On How To Be More Positive At Work

Although not ground breaking, there is something I love about this little graphic from the folks at CMD.  In one quick read, it provides you with a number of reminders on how to stay positive and motivated at work.  Of course, the items listed here are all things that are more or less in your locus of control.  Sometimes the more... Continue Reading →

Fear in Higher Ed… Fear in the workplace…

I've been thinking a lot about this concept of fear in the workplace.  What causes it?  What are the signs and  symptoms?  How do you reduce it?  A big part of positive organizational culture change involves "getting the fear out."  But what is the nature of fear?  Specifically in higher education? Fear is multi-dimensional, cultural, and... Continue Reading →

Education Radicals: An Evolution of Image

At left, Michelle Rhee's Time Magazine cover from 2008 when she was Chancellor of the Washington, DC schools.  At right, two years later in 2010 after she resigned from office. Education and politics are littered with change sagas and heroes.  I find individuals who enact radical change, however, to be particularly interesting.  It always intrigues... Continue Reading →

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