#ACPA16 Presentation: How To Become Lord Of The Slides

  I was pleased to present a Genius Lab session entitled, “How To Become Lord of the Slides,” at the ACPA convention this past week!  As the ACPA website describes, Genius Labs “are 20-minute skill-building workshops highlighting a number of practical activities (primarily focused on technology) designed for participants to learn about, experiment with, and implement immediately.”  My session focused on slide design tips.  If you’re interested, I’ve included the slideshare below along with links to these great books on presentation delivery and design:

SPOTLIGHT: Oregon State University’s Traveling Mascot Campaign

Oregon State University encouraged students and alumni to post pictures of a cut out of their famous “Benny the Beaver” mascot in various locations and tag them on Flickr with the hashtag #BennyOnTheMove.  It’s a great way to spread pride, a little bit of joy, and increase brad recognition.  Of course, although OSU used Flickr, you could also replicate campaigns on Instagram and other social networks.  It might also be a great idea to send your study abroad students off with a mascot to showcase your school’s international efforts. Benny going skiing:… Read More