SPOTLIGHT: Oregon State University’s Traveling Mascot Campaign

Oregon State University encouraged students and alumni to post pictures of a cut out of their famous “Benny the Beaver” mascot in various locations and tag them on Flickr with the hashtag #BennyOnTheMove.  It’s a great way to spread pride, a little bit of joy, and increase brad recognition.  Of course, although OSU used Flickr, you could also replicate campaigns on Instagram and other social networks.  It might also be a great idea to send your study abroad students off with a mascot to showcase your school’s international efforts.

Benny going skiing:


Benny heads out internationally to the UK Houses of Parliament and Big Ben:


Benny also visits the famous “Rocky steps” in Philadelphia:


past-spotlightsThis is a post from my ongoing effort to highlight interesting examples of social media efforts by colleges and universities every Monday.  Have an example to share?  Tweet me.

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