Hey #SApro, what was your win today?

When I was starting a new job, one of my good friends who helped me process my first few days would always ask: What was your win today? It was one of those seemingly benign lines that stuck in my head for some reason. What was my win today? What was my win today? What was my win today? My friend explained that she tries to identify a win every day. Sometimes big. Sometimes small. Sometimes it’s fixing a problem. Sometimes it’s starting something new. Sometimes it’s a project. Sometimes it’s relational…. Read More

The University-as-Theater: Are we just putting on a performance?

Is the university just an act of theater obscuring what is… or isn’t going on?  Are we caught up in traditions that have shielded us from realizing our own faults?  from public criticism?  Are we ready for the impending changes to higher education as a whole?  Thinking about higher education as a theatrical performance exposes some of these questions. Organizational theorists Bolman and Deal recognize two bodies of theory that make up this notion of the university-as-theater. The first, dramaturgical theories, focus internally. They describe performative acts that involve “social interaction among individuals… Read More