Hey #SApro, what was your win today?

When I was starting a new job, one of my good friends who helped me process my first few days would always ask:

What was your win today?

It was one of those seemingly benign lines that stuck in my head for some reason.

What was my win today?
What was my win today?
What was my win today?

My friend explained that she tries to identify a win every day.
Sometimes big. Sometimes small.
Sometimes it’s fixing a problem. Sometimes it’s starting something new.
Sometimes it’s a project. Sometimes it’s relational.
Sometimes it’s anticipated. Sometimes it just happens.

For me, thinking of your “wins” helps me frame your day in a positive way. It keeps me from getting mired in the negative.  It makes me start my day off thinking…

I’m going to do something great today.
What difference am I going to make?

It also helps you at the end of the day, by reflecting on…

What did I do today that moved the needle?
That shifted things in a positive direction?

At its core, this simple little question is how I infuse positive psychology in my life. It’s about focusing on the possibilities, not on the barriers. It also helps me not lose sight of the fact that big audacious goals aren’t achieved every day.  They’re often accomplished by playing the long game and setting small micro-goals.  And sometimes, the small win is just fine for what it is.

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  1. Getting an edible arrangement as a thank you from a parent – thanking me and the whole staff for working so diligently to help her son with a housing issue.

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