Through the Lens of an iPhone: Dubai and Abu Dhabi, UAE

Traveling to the UAE was an amazing experience.  It’s a country that has a unique blend of the traditional and the modern.  The contrast is fascinating.  There is also the wonder of the breathtaking structures that have been built there over the past two decades: from the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khlifa, to the gargantuan opulent Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.  It’s a truly unique place.

iPhoneography Photos From My Travels, 2014 – Second Third

My travels and iPhoneography continued this summer.  I went to fewer, but more interesting places for picture taking.  All the pictures are clickable if you want to enlarge them.  Feel free to use them as you wish (with attribution).  And, as I say every time I post, I am indebted to my friends who let me couch surf and to the schools and conferences I spoke at. This summer saw me traveling to: Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates Nantucket, MA Portland, OR San Francisco, CA Seattle, WA Washington, DC… Read More

3 Takeaways from Presenting Internationally on SATech/EdTech at American University in Dubai

I had the incredible privilege of presenting on technology and social media to the student affairs staff at American University in Dubai (AUD) last week.  Presenting internationally comes with its own set of opportunities and challenges, particularly as it relates to talking about social media and technology.  I wanted to share three takeaways I had in preparing to present and presenting to the staff in Dubai.