Teaching College Students To Use The Appropriate Communication Platforms

One of the important ancillary findings arising out of my research is the need to teach college students about choosing the best to communication method for the contexts they find themselves in and the goals they want to achieve.  As the infographic above illustrates, different media have different levels of intimacy.  They also allow for different ranges of expression.  Talking face-to-face still holds the opportunity for the greatest range of expression– allowing for non-verbals such as body language, enunciation, tone, etc.  Electronic text-based media are the most limited and are often subject to misinterpretation.  Talking… Read More

12 Tricks to Appear Smart in Emails (from thecooperreview.com)

I loved the first post on “10 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings” from thecooperreview.com, but then they came up with this gem!  Amazing!  Go check out their site.  It has some pretty great content.  And you can buy a lot of the items on posters, mugs and such.  BIG FAN!

SPOTLIGHT: Achieve Inbox Zero with UnrollMe

We all get newsletters, promotions, and list-serve emails sent to our inbox every day.  Remember that one item you bought from that one website one time?  Now you get their daily emails.  It’s information overload. Sometimes managing the email glut is as simple as going through an unsubscribe spree every few months, but other times you want to receive the email but maybe not as frequently.  Or maybe you just want a more efficient way of scanning through it all. Enter Unroll.me.  I’ve been a huge fan of Unroll.me since I stared… Read More

20 Courses Missing From Your Higher Education and Student Affairs Master’s Program

HESA 401: Icebreakers HESA 403: The Art and Science of Table and Chair Re-Arranging HESA 410: Ordering Catering for Groups HESA 414: Crafting for Beginners – Bulletin Boards HESA 435: Managing Email, Managing Your Inbox HESA 440: How To Fit 10 People in a Hotel Room Meant for 4 HESA 480: Shopping on a Budget HESA 501: The Development of Two Truths and A Lie HESA 503: Advanced Table Skirt Hanging HESA 507: Parents HESA 514: Advanced Crafting – Button Making HESA 540: Estimating Crowd Sizes Visually HESA 550: Dealing With Duty Phone… Read More