SPOTLIGHT: Achieve Inbox Zero with UnrollMe

We all get newsletters, promotions, and list-serve emails sent to our inbox every day.  Remember that one item you bought from that one website one time?  Now you get their daily emails.  It’s information overload.

Sometimes managing the email glut is as simple as going through an unsubscribe spree every few months, but other times you want to receive the email but maybe not as frequently.  Or maybe you just want a more efficient way of scanning through it all.

unrollme_exampleEnter  I’ve been a huge fan of since I stared using it a little over a year ago.  This simple utility allows you to “roll up” emails from certain addresses into a single daily digest.  This is great for those emails you still want to receive but don’t want to have to wade through every day. allows you to scan one email quickly and either click on a specific message you actually want to view or move on to the next one.

Since I started using, my email clutter has been reduced significantly.  To use, log in to their website and link it to your gmail account.  (Other email account types work too, but gmail is one of the better and more secure of the bunch.  If you are concerned about email access and security, read the company’s FAQs here.)  After you make the link, will scan the senders of your emails looking for addresses that appear to be list-serve/promotional accounts.  From there, you can select the emails you want to “roll up” into your daily digest.  It’s very simple.

Give it a try. from on Vimeo.

past-spotlightsThis is a post from my ongoing effort every Wednesday to highlight apps, web services, and vendors that may be of interest to higher education and student affairs professionals.  I do not work for these companies, nor do I always endorse them, per se, but am sharing them to highlight tools that others may find useful.  Have an example to share?  Tweet me.

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