This was my dissertation proposal hearing… [VIDEO]

As many of you know, a couple of months ago I had my dissertation proposal hearing.  For social science dissertations, after one completes their first three chapters, they present it to their committee for approval.  The first three chapters typically include an introduction, a review of literature, and your methodology (how you intend to conduct your study).

The proposal hearing, at least in our department, involves a brief 10 minute presentation by the student followed by feedback and Q&A with the committee (typically three faculty members).  This portion lasts as long as it needs to (typically an hour or so).

I decided to record my proposal hearing.  The above brief video includes my presentation to my committee that started the hearing.  If you’re interested in what I’m studying, this will also give you a bit of a preview as to where I’m going.

2 thoughts on “This was my dissertation proposal hearing… [VIDEO]

  1. I think we ended up in similar places, at least methodologically. I am almost done with my dissertation – it has been an intense and engaging experience understanding how students use distributed social media spaces in their understanding, emergence, and what I term “becoming.” Naturally I know you will keep me posted!

  2. Fun! I hope to have my little meeting early this spring. Maybe we’ll end up with some data that goes well together (I’m quant, looking at comm methods w/ faculty & relationship to frequency & topic of interaction)

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